Outdoor Products

Outdoor areas, may it be a residence terrace, commercial building balcony or a lounge area. It’s an area where your spirit feels free and elated. We at Argos offers products to enhance and secure the beautiful outdoor spaces. Outdoors are gaining popularity as spaces are designed to entertain, relax and make new memories with friends and family. What better is to make the spaces entirely durable and very low maintenance.

If you don’t maintain wood railings properly, they will fall apart as the years go by. If you don’t maintain aluminum railings, on the other hand, it’s not a problem! They will still look great. 

Aluminium railings are naturally strong products. It can easily hold up to tough weather. Beautiful, reliable, and requiring very little maintenance, aluminum railing might be just what you’re looking for your home. The right choice of color and design, your railing will seamlessly blend into its surroundings, showing off your property.


Receive nothing but excellence when you turn to our Pergola Systems. We’re here to provide homes and businesses with functionality and fluidity that leads straight on from your very own back door.

They are the perfect solution, offering durability, functionality and visual appeal. It can provide exceptional quality of life in the open air with a high degree of visual comfort. It can be a terrace covering or a standalone facility in the backyard.