Louvers/Solar Protection

Careful selection of the most appropriate Solar Shading System is necessary in order to achieve the necessary functional performance and to meet the aesthetic requirements of the building.

Aluminium louvers are one of those architectural elements that are as much about aesthetics as they are about performance. In this era of modernization and dazzle, even louvers are available in wide spectrum offering beauty and style along with their utility.

Commonly a set of angled or flat slats that are fixed at regular intervals, they can help with sun shading, ventilation and overall energy efficiency. Available in every color of the rainbow, louvers are a functional way of brightening an otherwise dull space.

Argos Aluminum Louvers

Argos Aluminum Louvers can provide dramatic visual appeal to an otherwise plain looking building. We use best techniques to ensure high performance of this range as per industry standards. Normally, louvers are vertical slats.

To enhance efficiency, these are also designed in rectangular or triangular shape. We provide special solutions in accordance with the wishes of the architect.


  • Aluminum’s low cost and ease of maintenance
  • Smooth functioning and unparalleled quality
  • Provide good protection from rain and weather infiltration
  • Energy efficient and provide weather protection
  • Aesthetically designed to suit the character of the building

Argos Glass Louvers – Jalousie

glass louver system that offers comfort, design and performance in ventilation, lighting and sun protection, suitable for commercial and residential buildings. The “Jalousie” system is very popular in the tropics, where the blinds fulfil a vital role in regulating indoor temperatures. Argos Jalousie is perfectly aligned with the company’s commitment to quality, value and superior design. These windows consist of louvered glass panels.

Features :

  • Water protection equivalent to that of conventional windows
  • Three-sided framing for security
  • Tinted glass available to reduce solar heat
  • Low-E glass available to prevent heat loss in cooler climates