Internal Doors

We offer the perfect frame for your indoor outdoor lifestyle. Minimal solutions for those seeking sober interiors with a bold impact. Perfect for those seeking bright interiors and clean lines. It is a collection that offers both glass modelswith ultra-slim profile in aluminium  and flush-fitting models with plain or decorated with binding. The internal slim line series of windows and doors offer a range of high quality glazing solutions for sliding and swing windows, suitable for both the residential and commercial markets.  This technology significantly reduces thermal transmittance and enhances the overall U Value of a product or Aluminium Doors.

Argos Internal Slidings

Sliding doors offer single or bi-parting openings, through a variety of styles and configurations. Safe and easy to use, they are suitable for any entrance, from simple opening.


  • Models with aluminium profile, with minimum thickness
  • Frame secured to the wall without counter frame
  • Available in 7 types of opening

Internal Swing Doors

Discover Argos Internal Glass doors collection, perfect for those who love bright environments with a bold impact. Swing doors take up minimal space while maximizing opening width. Automating swing doors is a relatively simple, yet highly sustainable way, to enhance the performance, accessibility and capacity of an entrance or exit point.  


  • New, fine profiles in aluminium to support 6mm glass
  • Glass doors with unique modern design
  • Ultra-slim profile in aluminium 
  • Flush-fitting models with plain or decorated with binding.