Internal By Garofoli

The oldest architectural element, wood, combined with modern building technologies, gives birth to a prestigious frame with a refined design. 

For Internal wooden doors, we are the exclusive partner and re-installer of the world renowned Italian company Garofoli. The world of Garofoli and Gidea doors is a world of style and made-in-Italy quality. We offer performance doors for all your design needs. Safe, performing, stylish: Our doors are designed to match the specific application.


Contemporary style has a classical heart. A new collection designed to give a contemporary feel to every room. Perfect doors with a classical harmony, updated using a modern, versatile concept for those who like to care for every little detail. Delicate decoration and varnished finish are combined with sophisticated mechanics - from flush mounted hinges to magnetic locks – and accessories with a minimalist yet decided design.


  • Coordinated ashlar boiserie panels
  • Delicate routing cuts in modern style
  • Soft touch lacquer

Mira wood

Mirawood is not just a door, it is a style choice for your home, a sophisticated accessory which embodies the spirit of nature through the intrinsic elegance of the material. Its an exclusive routed door with minimal decoration to enhance the natural beauty of wood. A touch of modern design for a lifestyle product as natural as the material used to make it.


  • Solid wood
  • On trend finishes
  • 9 types of opening


Its unmistakable design is created using panels, crosspieces and uprights, all on the same level, a linear geometry which conveys a firm character and reflects the essence of this charming and consistently modern collection. The unmistakable design of Pangea doors comes from its panels, jambs and transoms, all on the same level for a shape created from lines that transmit bold character and reflect the essence of this charming, timeless collection.


  • Made in solid wood
  • 20 different models
  • Two types of frame available (rounded and squared)


A luxurious house that starts with the doors? With the Doré collection of classic doors, you can bring out the full charm of soft touch lacquer, integrating it with gold and silver details. With doors decorated in gold leaf or silver, you will feel like you’re living in a castle.


  • Gold, silver or antique decorations
  • Wide variety of accessories (cornices, mountings, diamond cuts, diamond ashlars)
  • Deep moulded finishes in classic style


A charming and timeless product encapsulating stylistic tradition and modern versatility. The collection of solid wood doors is distinguished by its rich details and the extensive range of models, woods, finishes and colors available. Infinite furnishing solutions, all of which can be customized on request.


  • Seven types of opening
  • Entirely in prime solid wood
  • 16 different wood finishes

110e Lode

A unique and exclusive solid wood door that is the result of 50 years of passion, experience and artisan master craftsmanship. 110 e lode is the collection designed for a sophisticated and quality-conscious public, elegant doors with noble finish.


  • Top-quality oak, excellent resistance
  • High-thickness wood ashlar panels
  • Optional mountings with added decorative accessories (cornice, diamond cuts and ashlar panels)