The façade of the building is the first clue that tells us that structure has something special to offer. Facades form the outer skin of the building projecting image and creative intent. Argos is a one stop speciality-built, technology updated company for all your façade related requirements incorporating glazing and other external aluminium cladding materials. Our firm boasts of it’s specialists with unique backgrounds in product design, material applications, façade architecture and curtain wall engineering.

A thoughtfully designed skin can make a new building work more effectively for its owners, occupants and environment. It can also transform the performance of an existing building. We've combined style and performance to offer you the complete façade solution. We offer specialization in delivering customized façade systems.

Structural Glazing

Structural Glazing is an assembly technique used in facade engineering, where the glass elements are bonded to the supporting aluminium or stainless steel structure using specially developed high performance Silicone adhesives. Static and dynamic weight loads on the outside facade such as dead load, climate and wind loads are transferred to the substructure by the structural bonding.


  • Unrivalled stability and safety
  • Entire structures made out of glass
  • A good level of waterproofing
  • More light and a greater feeling of space.

Curtain Wall

Curtain walling by design is positioned externally from the primary building structure and has the advantages of relying less on building structural tolerances for installation. The term "curtain walling" is related to the word "curtain" in which the product appears to hang on the building.


1. Great advantage of natural light penetration

2. Reducing Building Sway dispersing Kinetic Energy force

3. Slowing spread of Fire by acting as Barriers

4. Improves Thermal Efficiency


CNC Laser Cut Facade

Laser Cutting has been increasingly used in material fabrication for real-world construction projects. The perforated patterning of the façades can serve the function of bringing light into interior spaces while maintaining a degree of privacy, or parametrically patterning openings to create custom conditions of light and privacy depending on climatic conditions, sun angles and programming. 


1. Decorative Laser Cut for Visual Interest

2. Functional Part of architecture

3. Maintain Privacy while enhancing Beauty 


Argos Skylights are a pleasant, environmentally friendly solution to brighten your residential or commercial premises. Using natural light rather than electricity as a light source saves energy and can dramatically cut your electricity bills. They are an excellent source of natural light: they can admit more than three times as much light as a vertical window of the same size, distributing it evenly, improving your visual comfort levels

Skylights are widely used in designing full utilization and exposure to day light for any enclosure may it be home or office. Increased day light can result in decrease electricity use by saving energy, lowering costs and reducing environmental impacts. Day light can cut use of electricity in some buildings by up to 80%.

Skylight can be fixed or movable as per client’s requirement. A skylight is a structure that allows light on the roof to travel to the interior of a building. Skylights are particularly useful in spaces that do not receive much natural daylight.


  • Good alternative when spaces are limited
  • Aesthetic changes add to the resale value
  • Natural views and “adding space” to a room

Spider Glazing

Spider Glazing is a modern solution for exterior bolted glass assemblies, which secures the glazing to a support structure by means of point-fixings. The high-grade stainless steel fixings are designed to absorb all static and dynamic loads (i.e. the dead weight of the glass, wind loading, snow loads and differential expansion due to temperature difference) and distribute them to the support structure. With the assistance of our dedicated and skilled professionals, we manufacture and supply Spider Glazing. These products are reckoned for their precise features. 


1. Weather Resistance and Abrasion Resistance

2. Flexible medium for Canopies and Frameless Entrances

3. Weather and Rust Proofing

4. Unobtrusive Apperance - Edgy Architecture