External Doors & Windows

Choose from a range of premium aluminium doors and windows from the best branded companies in India. Our imported solutions offer unmatched durability and style, and we are among the best manufacturers in Haryana. Upgrade your space today with Aluminium Doors & Windows.

Argos offers a range of Casement Windows as per the client’s requirement suitable for the spaces.These are the most popular windows offering inward and outward opening.With a range of profiles available we are able to offer an aluminium door to suit almost any project specification. Design Versatality, strenght of aluminium, colou finishes, low mainteneance are key features. 

Our Sliding Doors and Windows are synonymous with simplicity, the perfect combination of Functionality and Aesthetics. Where large areas of glass require minimal sightlines to provide almost uninterrupted views but still with the ability to be opened up - the aluminium sliding doors can provide an ideal alternative solution. We offer other variants in Sliding doors. 


Bi-folds will give your home individuality and character. Perfect option to link indoor and outdoor entertaining area. Bi-fold doors bring the outside in and open up space to create over a 90% clear opening creating a functional, open space for living, working and entertaining. Cleverly constructed to provide superior wind protection and water proofing. The clean, sophisticated looking unit will give you years of trouble free performance.

ARGOS high quality, precision engineered aluminium casement doors offers you all the security and convenience of a solid door, while giving your project an enhanced feeling of space and light.  With single and double door configurations available, they have the versatility necessary to suit your chosen context. They are sometimes referred to as ‘French Doors’. Aluminium casement doors can be designed with an inward or outward opening as required with a low threshold door base.