Alu-wood Windows (Wood from Outside and Aluminium from Inside)

Best solution for designs requiring the class and elegance of Wood windows from inside and strength of Aluminium windows from outside.

Alu-wood Windows

Argos Alu-Wood Windows and Doors combines the aesthetics and elegance of wood with the practicality of the robust aluminum bearing structure.

Thanks to the infinite range of solutions available, in terms of woods, forms and colors, and to the high level of customization, each Argos’s alu-wood window is unique. We know that the performance and beauty of a good door is often born of what it’s made of. That’s why all of our doors & windows are combination of timber and aluminium – superior materials that promise the best in terms of quality and durability.


  • Thermally broken Aluminium externally
  • Solid natural timber internally
  • Attaches the perimeter hardware to the supporting structure with multiple locking points to ensure greater protection.
  • Nylon Joints optimize the wood/aluminum combination